Cirque le Soir Friday Censored Party
Cirque le Soir Friday Censored Party
censored at cirque

Censored at Cirque le Soir’s award winning Hip-Hop party and one of London’s most renowned club nights. We will get your name on our Cirque le Soir Friday Guestlist, providing easy access to you and your group.

Strong start to the weekend for the Cirque le Soir’s elite partygoers!  You could expect anything from the strange acts happening at Cirque le Soir! Even though you will never be bored, but rather jaw dropped. There is no ordinary performances and no normal parties here. The doors open every Friday to Party like a VIP at Cirque le Soir!  You only get one chance to experience it, so get your name now into our Cirque Vip Guestlist

Nonetheless, burlesque and circus acts appear every night after midnight to make your night unforgettable. With London’s coolest crowd to go with an amazing party, HYPE HOP Friday party is London’s club scene tastemaker and trendsetter! Come and discover best entertainment and unique atmosphere through Vip Tables London just at Cirque le Soir!


Friday Party at Cirque le Soir

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