Thursday – Do Not Disturb – Tonteria
Thursday – Do Not Disturb – Tonteria
do not distrub party tonteria

Mexico’s heritage and culture, tequila & Do Not Disturb theme party. Thursday at Tonteria is a different world!

The interior design of the club gives you Latin vibes and is nothing like you’ve seen before, makes you feel like you’re in another world. Tonteria booking table is highly recommended. That’s why you need to make sure you either book a VIP table or get your name on our Thursday Guestlist at Tonteria

Tonteria only has capacity for only 200 people because the club tends to be very picky about who they let in.  Join Tonteria through Vip Table London Guestlist and try their famous and original Mexican variant of cocktails just like the ”The Tequila Slammer”. The VIP tables also ensure you have a good time at the club.

thursday at tonteria

Want to Party Like the Mexicans Do? Join the fiesta at Tonteria Thursday Party! The VIP tables sell out very quickly. So, get a VIP table to ensure entry into the club. You can know more about the VIP tables below by contacting Us!

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